Winter Ross provides writing and illustration services: blog content, website copy, ghostwriting for books and other creative and promotional products for the alternative wellness community, shamanic practitioners and therapists. Because Winter is a practitioner herself, her style reflects the aesthetic and sensitivities of the field. She also writes on the subjects of art, travel, spirituality and the environment. Illustration samples may be found at or by clicking on the above link to Flickr. Clicking on any of the articles below should take you to the fully written piece. Please get in touch through the form below to discuss your project. 

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Visionary Fiction: "4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys"

Review: You may pick up this beautiful, seemingly short, book casually. You will leave it being forever changed. Ms. Ross weaves a vision of our possible future as a species - indeed, as living creatures - which pulls at the heart and, hopefully, spurs us to action. Through her visionary travels with Bat, Orca Whale, Deer and Bear, she leads us on a journey encompassing the spiritual and physical realms which lie hidden within our psyches, to truths we know but don't know we know and sometimes wish we didn't. - Bruce Nygren

Website Content: 5 Star Chandelier Cleaning in Reno NV

Chandeliers are a beautiful and elegant focal point to any room or hallway, but these lovely crystal light fixtures can be magnets for dust, cobwebs and grime. A professional cleaning of your chandelier will result in a stunning improvement to a room’s ambience. We suggest cleaning your light fixtures every two to six months with special attention in the fall so they sparkle for the winter season. Squeaky Clean is experienced with cleaning solutions and understands the materials used in the int

Website Content: Ceremonial Visions

Life can be - Koyaanisqatsi - out of balance. Too easily, we lose the path of Beauty and Spirituality. We forget, in our dealings with ordinary reality, that it is necessary to our health and evolving consciousness to participate in the joy that art, poetry and ceremony bring to the world. Welcome to the art, writing and alternative healing practice of Winter Ross. Contact Winter about purchasing her art, teaching a class or making an appointment for a shamanic session via this website. Thank you for Being Here.

Creativity Spotlight: Ursa Major by Winter Ross | The Gentle Traveler

Winter Ross is an illustrator, writer and environmental activist whose work is influenced by shamanic practice. In 2015 Winter was awarded First place for Short Story by both the New Mexico Press Women’s Association and the National Federation of Press Women. Publishing credits include the literary journal “Pilgrimage: Story, Place, Spirit, Witness.” Ursa Major is one of several from her prose chapbook, “4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys.” The illustration, from a limited edition of hand-pulled, han

Memoir: "She Who Hears the Cries of the World"

A version of this memoir was published in the literary magazine, “Pilgrimage: Story, Place, Spirit, Witness”. Volume 31, Issue 1, Crestone, Colorado, 2006 and in the Darkhouse Book Anthology, “What We Talk About When We Talk About It : Variations on the Theme of Love”, Vol. 1, 2019. An excerpt can be found at:

Opinion Piece: "Walking the Edge of Cultural Appropriation"

The young man was goth-like, pale and pimply, dressed in a long black coat and lecturing to a circle of listeners at an Earth First! gathering in the western wilderness. The subject of his talk was the cultural appropriation of earth-based spiritual traditions. He had embraced his Wiccan ancestral roots, he raged, and anyone white who strayed into Indigenous spirituality was simply politically incorrect, if not morally indefensible.