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Scent of the Ponderosa: The Magic of Talking with Trees

The ponderosa pine called to me as I tramped down the hill from my evening hike. The call came as butterscotch incense. As a person with synesthesia, I experienced the scent not only as a song but as a warm touch. The tendrils of perfume were fingers beckoning me down the trail. I followed my nose until I found the source, nearly 50 feet away. How had I walked right past this magnificent being on my way up?

Tourism/Travel: "Ragpicker Magic"

MAGIC? AT A USED BOOKSTORE? You’d expect to find it at the tarot reader’s place, the Buddhist temples, or among the breathtaking 14,000-foot peaks towering over the small community of Crestone. But at the used bookstore? That’s right, if you intend to explore the esoteric wonders of the little town nestled among the Sangre de Cristos, don’t miss the Ragpicker Bookstore. A visit to the Ragpicker, usually called “Carmin’s” by the locals, is an adventure. The shop is not hard to find; although, it

Public Art: "Dumpster Diary"

A mini-mural by Winter Ross and the Vida Day Camp kids is the latest addition to our new library space. It’s on the dumpster out front in the parking lot, so you can’t miss it! This joyful visual representation of things the youngsters experienced or learned about during their three weeks of camp is just plain fun. A big river, fish, plants, flowers, bugs, waterfalls, thunderstorms, birds, beasts, and rainbows decorate the formerly dull dark green trash container.

Medical Astrology: Connecting Stars, Planets,…

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” —Plato Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

Profile: "Lakota Activist and Builder Christinia Eala"

Christinia realized sustainable, owner-built housing with solar alternative energy was the direction she needed to take for reservation housing. She studied earthbag construction at Cal-Earth Institute, inspired by dome designs that are flood, fire, and earthquake-proof and architecturally based on the sacred circle. She teamed up with a solar school, experimented with hempcrete and pallet houses, spending years researching and planning.

Folk Medicine: "The Hoodoo Blues"

Hoodoo is a rich and complex collection of beliefs and magical practices. Spells timed to moon phases; charms, curses and crossings; dream interpretation; candle magic; incense; sachet powders; purifying baths; floor washes; symbols and sigils drawn on pathways; potent herbs and roots soaked in conjure oils; silver mercury dime talismans, and prayer bags anointed with sweat, blood or urine; are just some of the methods employed in acquiring that lucky life we’re all after.

Opinion Piece: "Walking the Edge of Cultural Appropriation"

The young man was goth-like, pale and pimply, dressed in a long black coat and lecturing to a circle of listeners at an Earth First! gathering in the western wilderness. The subject of his talk was the cultural appropriation of earth-based spiritual traditions. He had embraced his Wiccan ancestral roots, he raged, and anyone white who strayed into Indigenous spirituality was simply politically incorrect, if not morally indefensible.

Visionary Fiction: "4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys"

Review: You may pick up this beautiful, seemingly short, book casually. You will leave it being forever changed. Ms. Ross weaves a vision of our possible future as a species - indeed, as living creatures - which pulls at the heart and, hopefully, spurs us to action. Through her visionary travels with Bat, Orca Whale, Deer and Bear, she leads us on a journey encompassing the spiritual and physical realms which lie hidden within our psyches, to truths we know but don't know we know and sometimes wish we didn't. - Bruce Nygren, President Emeritus, Center for Non-dual Awareness.

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