Winter provides writing: blog content, website copy, ghostwriting for books and other creative and promotional products for the alternative wellness community, personal and spiritual growth coaches and therapists. Because Winter is a practitioner herself, she writes with the aesthetic and sensitivities of the field. More of her services, including illustration samples, may be found at 

Sales Letter: 775 Disinfect!

From: Will at 775 Disinfect! Re: Community need for disinfection services and a networking request Dear Business Owner: I have recently had the opportunity to transition my cleaning and janitorial business into helping with the fight against the COVID-19 virus. I'd like to tell you a little about what we are doing: 775 Disinfect! Is an emergency disinfecting service available 24/7 for business or homes. We eliminate viruses (COVID-19), biohazards, bacteria, molds, mildew and other mircroorganisms. Using CDC established guidelines, we sanitize all interior building surfaces and items through the technique of fogging. No surface, however unreachable (such as air ducts or carpet), will be left unclean. Our disinfectant is a hospital grade, EPA registered and NSF certified solution (no rinse required) which is non-irritating to skin. It will not damage surfaces or fabrics nor will it produce harmful by-products or nauseous fumes. Fogging will be accomplished night or day when tenants or employees are absent. Currently, we are focusing on COVID-19 mitigation but other janitorial services are available. 775 Disinfect! will serve medical facilities; schools; airports; data centers; government and administration buildings; manufacturing plants and businesses of all sizes; residential homeowners and real estate property managers. We are currently the only professional company in northern Nevada offering a mass scale disinfection of a facility. We are family-owned, with 20 years experience in the janitorial industry. We're all in this pandemic together! With your standing in the community, would you share this information with those you know? The sooner we disinfect, the more lives we can save. To your health, Will M., CEO, 775 Disinfect! (775) 000-0000

Website Content: Ceremonial Visions

Life can be - Koyaanisqatsi - out of balance. Too easily, we lose the path of Beauty and Spirituality. We forget, in our dealings with ordinary reality, that it is necessary to our health and evolving consciousness to participate in the joy that art, poetry and ceremony bring to the world. Welcome to the art, writing and alternative healing practice of Winter Ross. Contact Winter about purchasing her art, teaching a class or making an appointment for a shamanic session via this website. Thank you for Being Here.

Memoir: "She Who Hears the Cries of the World"

It was not a good day to die – It was too beautiful. The Denver smog was behind us. Before us was the pass, it's peaks snow-capped even in July. I'd driven 1,200 miles to deliver my two children to their father for a summer visit. The Boyfriend, along for the ride, had entertained the kids in exchange for an opportunity to get away from the humidity of the East Coast. My sadness and anxiety about being separated from my little ones had motivated me to schedule a retreat at a Zen Center within a day's drive of them. We drove by a group of people on the side of the road. A flat tire, I thought, as I glanced in the rear view mirror. But the reversed image reflected the truth. Startled, I recognized the posture of a man performing CPR and braked. Boyfriend, who'd been keeping his eyes closed against the sting of gritty contact lenses, looked over at me from the passenger seat in surprise. It was no time to slow down. The van needed momentum to climb through the thin air. “Someone's hurt back there,” I explained. “Nothing we can do about it.” He pulled at his beard. “You know I was an EMT. I'm going back.”

Creativity Spotlight: Ursa Major by Winter Ross | The Gentle Traveler

Winter Ross is an illustrator, writer and environmental activist whose work is influenced by shamanic practice. In 2015 Winter was awarded First place for Short Story by both the New Mexico Press Women’s Association and the National Federation of Press Women. Publishing credits include the literary journal “Pilgrimage: Story, Place, Spirit, Witness.” Ursa Major is one of several from her prose chapbook, “4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys.” The illustration, from a limited edition of hand-pulled, han

Opinion Piece: "Walking the Edge of Cultural Appropriation"

The young man was goth-like, pale and pimply, dressed in a long black coat and lecturing to a circle of listeners at an Earth First! gathering in the western wilderness. The subject of his talk was the cultural appropriation of earth-based spiritual traditions. He had embraced his Wiccan ancestral roots, he raged, and anyone white who strayed into Indigenous spirituality was simply politically incorrect, if not morally indefensible. With the arrogance of youth and the disrespect to elders that

Blog Content: "Recipe for a New Year's Ritual"

One of the meanings of the word “ceremony” in its original Latin form was “awe”. Repeated behaviors related to reverence and awe, with a sense of connecting to powers greater than us – this is a ritual. Ritual, in its true form, is one of the most meaningful channels for our awe and sense of worship. A “ritual” could be defined as symbolic behavior consciously performed. It is a physical act that affirms the intention of the practitioner. It is the physical representation of the change in inner

Travel Article: "The Holiness of Dirt"

Santa Fe to Taos via the High Road May 17-26, 2014 I trudge breathlessly, head down, toward our next camp: the parking lot of El Santuario de Chimayo. A Roman Catholic Church and National Historic Monument in New Mexico, it is famous for miracles of healing. I look forward to baptizing my feet in the pure cold stream that gurgles behind the church. (The water is shared with the cattle in the pasture beyond. Shared water and the systems of acequias of New Mexico are sacred, too.) Although I’ve trained to hike the distances expected on this march, I’ve not trained to the pace of walkers who have been on the road for two months already. I hurt all over; my joints are stiff; the soles of my feet are burning.