Winter Ross provides writing and illustration services: feature articles, blog content, website copy, ghostwriting for books, and other creative and promotional products. She writes on the subjects of art, travel, spirituality, mental and alternative health, activism, and the environment. You can find illustration samples and a CV on the website: Clicking on any of the articles below should take you to the fully published piece. Please get in touch via email: to discuss your project. 

8-Sided Drum: A Lyric Memoir (Prose Chapbook)

The surface swirled; wavelets glimmered in a vortex around her. She felt it first at her back, then gliding smooth around her hips, across her thighs, reaching toward her ribs. The Crone wasn’t afraid because she knew everything down here was her. Still, out of instinct, she pulled her knees into her soft belly and wrapped her wrinkled arms around them. Scaly as a snake’s skin, she thought sadly. The reptile shifted, tightening its coils against her shins, raised itself until the triangular head was level with hers and spoke. Python recited a poem titled ‘The Serpent’s Lament’ and shared the Rules of Solitude. The old woman wouldn’t remember all the details of the discussion, but it comforted her and she would take the memory of the comfort back with her to the Middle World. What she would never forget was the water’s sapphire glow and the heavy silk of the animal’s body against hers.

Visionary Fiction: "4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys"

Review: You may pick up this beautiful, seemingly short, book casually. You will leave it being forever changed. Ms. Ross weaves a vision of our possible future as a species - indeed, as living creatures - which pulls at the heart and, hopefully, spurs us to action. Through her visionary travels with Bat, Orca Whale, Deer and Bear, she leads us on a journey encompassing the spiritual and physical realms which lie hidden within our psyches, to truths we know but don't know we know and sometimes wish we didn't. - Bruce Nygren, President Emeritus, Center for Non-dual Awareness.
Shortlisted, 2022
First Place, Short Story, National Federation of Press Women Competition, "Orienting Heaven" 2015
Finalist, Women on Writing, 2022
Honorable Mention in both writing and illustration

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